Trans Dating Apps

There are thousands of dating websites where people can find a partner to start a relationship with online. However, among these thousands of matchmaking sites, only a few make provision for trans dating, and among these few ones, not all of them have a dating app for trans to help them have the best online dating. The following sites have made it easy for trans to date online through their trans dating apps. 


Get started with all sorts of dating affairs, including trans dating with


Members has many people on its platform. There are about 500,000 members from the US, while it hosts about 120,000 active members weekly.

Who are the members?

The site has women and men worldwide as its members, but has more women than men. There are also many trans members seeking a relationship.

Site uniqueness

This site is unique and legitimate, with features uncommon to other sites.


  •‘s trans dating app is easy to use.

  • A large number of actively weekly users ensure that finding a partner will be easy.


  • The site is not completely dedicated to trans dating and will require a bit of searching to find those looking for trans dating.

Pricing plan 

Full Membership

1 Day $0.99 / Day

1 Week $1.00 / Week

1 Month $28.80 / Month

3 Months $16.20 / Month

Phone compatibility 

At the moment, the app is only available to Android users alone. However, there may be provision for iOS users later in the future.

onenightfriend offers an excellent space for those seeking to explore trans dating can connect easily.



Thousands of people keep signing up every week on onenightfriend. There are about 550,000 Americans, and it has about 19,600 logins every day.

Who are the members?

The site has thousands of men and women on the website, but the male users have a remarkable population of about 76%.

Site uniqueness is unique among other dating sites possessing features that set them out of the ordinary matchmaking sites. It is legitimate and has thousands of real profiles and at the same time.


  • There are lots of people to interact with on

  • A large male community ensures that there is a man for every trans.


  • The site is more restricted to the United States than international dating.

Pricing plans

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

1 Month. $39.00 / Month $39.00

3 Months $21.90 / Month $65.70

6 Months $17.70 / Month $106.20

Phone compatibility

Users can have a nice dating experience as the site’s internet mobile version is simple to use. There is no app yet, but the future looks good for it.


Take your trans dating experience to a premium ground with the matchmaking site. 


Members has over 50 million members worldwide. The site has men and women from different locations in the world.

Who are the members?

Members on are men and women of different ages, and regardless of the relationship you seek, there’s a match for you.

Site uniqueness

The site is unique and legitimate. The user face, display, and more are unique and user-friendly. However, much of the site’s operation is similar to other sites, and one can expect to see similar features ever so often.


  • This signing up process is simple and straightforward.

  • Prospective users will only be required to provide a limited amount of information about themselves.

  • The site is trusted and vast in its member and relationship acceptance.


  • The available men on the site outnumber the women on site. As a result of this, finding a woman for a relationship may be difficult on

Pricing plans

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

A-List Basic Subscription

1 Month $7.95 / Month $7.95

3 Months $6.35 / Month $19.05

6 Months $3.95 / Month $23.70

A-List Premium Subscription

1 Month. $24.90 / Month $24.90

3 Months $22.90 / Month $68.70

6 Months $19.90 / Month $119.40


1 Credit. $1.99 / Credit $1.99

5 Credits $1.89 / Credit $9.45

10 Credits $1.69 / Credit $16.90

Phone compatibility

The mobile app is perfect for people who need to view their accounts and find more people that could probably be a match. There are no differences between the app and the site, which increases the experience of users. The app is open for both Android and iOS devices.


Reduce the difficulty and confusion of finding the right trans partner for you; explore for a swift and easy experience. 


Members has over 6,300,000 visitors per month and over 11,000,000 from the US, while over 700,000 new profiles are registered every month.

Who are the members? has thousands of visitors all around the world. The people on the site are men and women. There are about 60% of women on the site, which helps to find women for a relationship easy.

Site uniqueness

The site is unique and legitimate, with many unique and easy features open to users. Note, however, that the operations are similar to most other dating sites.


  • With the percentage of women at 60%, there is a great chance to meet the woman for your trans dating.

  • The site is open to all relationship needs, ensuring a large pool of different people.


  • Most of the people on are in the mid-20s to 30s, and finding older people to date may seem to be difficult at times.

Pricing plans

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

BumbleBoost Subscription

1 Week $10.99 / Week $10.99

1 Month                                                  $24.99 / Month $24.99

Bumble Credits

1 Coin                                                     $1.99 / Coin $1.99

5 Coins                                                   $1.80 / Coin $8.99

10 Coins                                                 $1.50 / Coin $14.99

20 Coins                                                 $1.25 / Coin $24.99

30 Coins $1.27 / Coin $37.99

Phone compatibility

The app is available for both Android and iOS. However, if a user finds it difficult to download on the app store or play store, you can visit the site to download the app.


Get connected to other singles who are looking for adult dating through


Members boasts of millions of active monthly users, most of which are within the USA. Of course, there is room to meet people from other countries too.

Who are the members?

The site is dedicated to women and women alone. It allows trans women as well as non-trans women to connect and find love. 

Site uniqueness

The site is dedicated to women meeting each other in a safe space. With lots of monitoring and moderation, you can be sure of starting a relationship with the right person.


  • Is dedicated to all sorts of female dating.

  • There is constant site monitoring to ensure a safe and secure experience.


  • It is mostly active in the USA

Pricing plans

The site offers a free version of its service, which works perfectly. However, there is a premium option, which is;

1 month: $9.99 and $14.99

6 months: $ 44.99 and $59.99

12 months: $89.99 and $59.99

Phone compatibility

The app is available for both Android and iOS. It is free to download, and you can always send yourself a text of the link through their online page.