How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated

How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated

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In some cases, the “almost relationships” are the ones that break us the most. The promise of potential and unwritten future, paired with the enduring what-ifs. The more potential we saw, the easier it is to get stuck in the mud. The problem is that there was no real romantic relationship.

Therefore there was also no real end. All that’s there is a slew of unanswered issues. It may be deep and troublesome to get out of, but there is a way.

However, it involves a conscious effort to let go of the “what-ifs” and move on with great purpose. Here, we offer some of the methods to get over a guy you never dated. 

Stop Blaming It on Bad Timing

Blaming it on bad timing will only keep you stuck. It is tempting to do this because it gives hope for the future, that maybe when the timing is right, we can be together in a romantic relationship. In reality, “bad timing” is a symptom of incompatibility and is most often masking underlying problems like emotional unavailability, commitment issues, etc. While it is true that bad timings are possible, when the problem in a romantic relationship is indeed bad timing, it usually has a clear cause and solution.

Don’t get hung up and believe that the fact that you are not together is enough for you to say that it wasn’t right. The sooner you accept that bad timing is not the reason, the sooner you’ll comprehend how to get over a guy you never dated.

Remove Their Access to You and Stop Checking on Them

date strangerStaying in touch with a person that you’re still not over with will keep you deep in the mire of false hope. Thinking about them and their life is will only slow down your process of moving on.

Permitting this person to check in on your life and contact you whenever they want will keep you from fully moving on and healing. Knowing that they are watching you influences you and keeps you tied to them.

 Having feelings for a person makes it hard to move on, especially when you are still thinking about how they feel regarding you. Help yourself and take this person out of your sight so you can heal.

That is also how to get over a guy you dated. Block them or unfollow them, so you are not tempted to look them up. But it does not have to be like this forever, though, just enough time for you to move on truly.

Honestly List Down What You Liked and Disliked Regarding Them

This exercise will help you accomplish a couple of important things. Firstly, listing their good qualities will help you comprehend whdating a strangerat made you like this person.

You will most likely realize that the things you liked are not unique to this person. You will and can find these traits in somebody else, and listing them down will help you find them in others in the future.

Secondly, having a list of what you didn’t like or what did not work with them will help you back to reality. It will greatly help you realize and remember who this person truly is versus how you are seeing them in a romantic relationship.

You might come to realize that you were not as compatible as you thought. Maybe people would not make time for you, or the fact that they could not decide disappointed and frustrated you. Getting all of this on paper helps so you stop yourself from thinking about what could have been. Being reminded of reality is always a sobering but a great and effective method to move on.

There is no “right” amount of time for healing. The time it takes to get over someone is different per person. Sometimes, it may feel very traumatic that it becomes really hard to move on. That’s alright. Putting yourself on the line and having feelings is never a bad thing. Moving on from a person, even from an “almost relationship,” can be tough. Just trust that you’ll come out the other side and trust that you can learn to love again.

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