Top Hookup Sites for Gay In 2021

Are you interested in joining the best legit hookup sites? We pulled a list of our favourite options for gay hookup sites, and the list contains a lot of information about gay hookup services and links to help you join the member base.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can get started with gay dating, there are plenty of gay-free hookup sites and apps to help you out. Take a look at our list of the top hookup dating sites for gay hookup sites in 2021 below to find the perfect gay hookup dating app or website for you.

Gaysgodating main page

GaysGoDating is a dating platform that aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for single gay men looking for a partner. It has over 500,000 members, with about 250,000 members from the US alone and about 200,000 members’ logins per week. Its pros include a contemporary and efficient design, flexible membership options, a great gay dating app and many young members. While the cons are, no couples or bisexual users allowed, questionable authenticity of some users and messages and no Facebook/Google login. A three-day trial costs $0.99 per day and gives you access to paid membership features. Regular membership costs $45 for one month, $47,10 (limited offer price) for three months, and $75 for six months of membership. There are only gay men on the hookup site.


buddygays main page

BuddyGays is a place to meet single gay guys online and develop a relationship with them. It has over 300,000 members from the USA alone, with over 100,000 members active weekly. Its pros include free to join, verification system, safe community, optimized mobile version, very short sign-up process, many young singles, extensive range of functions and many filter options. While the cons are, a paid membership is a bit expensive, advertising with the free use and personality test via partner page. It offers a three-day trial plan for $0,99 per day, One-month plan for $46,50, three-month plan for $46,92 and six-month plan for $73,80. There are only gay men on the hookup site.


GaysTryst main page is an online dating platform that exists solely to helping gay men with their romantic endeavours. It has over 100,000 members, with most of its members in North America. Its pros include fun premium features, initial registration is free, large member base. While the cons are automatic payment renewal and some fake profiles. It offers a membership trial which costs only $2,97, a one-month cost of $24.99, a three-month plan is $41.98, and six-month membership costs $65.94


MenNation is an online dating site for males and couples interested in hookups and hot dates. It has about 97 million members worldwide, with 61,000,000 members from the United States alone. It has about 1 million new members every month. Its pros include an appealing interface; users do not have to provide any private details to create their accounts, It is possible to use MenNation for casual dating and long-term relationships, mand Its cons are it does not have a mobile version, to get access to some features, you should pay for premium membership, it contains a lot of explicit materials. It offers gold membership for 1 Month at $34.95, 3 Months at $59.85 and 12 Months at $179.40. There is no app for Android and iPhone users.



Ashley Madison is an online dating app and website that works exclusively for people who share a mutual desire for dating, dating, casual dating and sex. It has about 180,000 members from the United States and over 500,000 from the United Kingdom, with 1,200,000 active members weekly. It has approximately 55 percent female members and 45 percent male members. Its pros include the website’s user-friendly layout, women register on the site for free, and a high level of confidentiality. While the cons are free services are limited, messaging users cost credits, there is no matching algorithm. It offers a basic membership plan with 100 Credits for $38.00, a Classic membership plan with 500 Credits for $115.00 and an Elite membership plan with 1000 Credits for $188.00. There is an app for Android and iOS users


Sign Up Process gayfriendfinder is an online dating site for gay men to find other local gay men. It has Has members across the world, with 60,000 members from the United States alone. It has 10,000 new members per month. Its pros include a user-friendly interface, a great source for dating knowledge, great value for money. While the cons are few advanced search filters are missing. It offers a Gold Membership plan for 1 Month at $34.94, 3 Months at $59.94, 12 Months at $139.94. Silver Membership plan for 1 Month at $22.94, 3 Months at $39.94, 12 Months at $99.9.


Grindr Sign in is an online dating app for gay, bisexual, queer, and Transgender singles. It has over 27 million singles of the LGBTQ community; the member structure belongs majorly to the United States, making 25 percent of the entire platform and the UK with 1.8 million registered members. Its pros include, high user engagement rate, free users get complete functionality access, matches based on location, provide a dedicated platform for LGBTQ, users get anonymity online. While the cons are live chat feature is exclusively for paid users only, not ideal for people seeking a life partner, lots of fake profiles. It offers a Grindr Xtra plan for 1-month at $13, 3-months at $28.20 and 12-months at $62.40. And Grindr Unlimited plan for 1-month at $41.11, 3-months at $61.17 and 12-months at $176.46. Grindr is ready for both Android and iOS devices.


Scruff Sign in

Scruff is an online dating site that caters to gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals in Canada looking for friendship or relationships. All users are members of the LGBTQ+ community, with 3,600,000 members from the United States alone. It has about 800,000 active members weekly. It has approximately 90 percent male members and 10 percent female members. Its pros include the best technology in the industry because it utilizes artificial intelligence on the app. It has more face-to-face interactions because Scruff powers many events, supports video communication online, and saves all members’ communication on a cloud, so it’s never lost. Its cons are free members see many pop-up ads and lots of banner ads; Its subscription options are a bit vague. It offers Scruff Pro for 1 Month at $14.99, 3 Months at $39.99 and 12 Months at $119.99.


adam4adam is an online dating site for gay men looking for casual relationships. It has 6,300,000 members from the United States alone, with 440,000 daily logins. It has over one million monthly unique visitors. Fifty-three percent of its users are non-white, making it the most multi-ethnic gay dating app currently. Its pros include an extensive database of users, active members on the site, a user-friendly interface, free registration, free messaging, and many search filters. Its cons are fake accounts and boring ads. It offers VIP Access for 1 Month at $6.67 and Pro for 1 Month at $20.00. A mobile app is available to use by Android and iPhone users.

VISIT SITE main page is an online dating platform for gay men in Canada looking for a casual hookup or serious relationship. It has over 200,000 members worldwide, with 24,600 members from the United States alone. It has 1,400 active members weekly, with 90 percent male members and 10 percent female members. Its pros are that it is extremely easy to use, there is no advertising on the site, and communication is easy. Its cons are Standard/Free members are not able to view profiles, no ‘Online Now’ Search, no chatting or instant messaging. It offers Gold Membership for 1 Month at $24.98, 3 Months at $49.99 and 12 Months at $99.98. Platinum Membership for 1 Month at $29.98, 3 Months at $59.99 and 12 Months at $119.98.


What Are Some Pro Tips for Using gay hookup sites?

1. Get pictures

Each real user has several photos. It should be easy for you to get five pictures, not just his cock. Tell him you want to see his face. If he says he doesn’t have them, you definitely won’t go to his apartment.

2. FaceTime

Some of the gay apps have built-in video calling. But if you have his phone number, you can also ask him on FaceTime.

How to Hook up with Gay?

Learn how to pick up gay men near you without fretting over your safety. The safety requirements of a local gay hookups can never be over-emphasized. It is because even with freedom of sexual expression, gay hookup culture has not been fully embraced. On that note, finding local queer men for mind-blowing gay hookups is now easier. You can secure such dating opportunities using detailed profiles online. The best personals linked to genuine queer men are available for free perusal. Simply create profiles detailing your dating requirements, and gay man hookups sites do the rest. It is one of the best experiences the internet offers today.

How to Find Local Gay Hookup

There are plenty of queer men in the vicinity, regardless of your location, with similar dating interests to yours. The key is to pinpoint them without too many challenges. To find these queer men requires simple profile creation, and most queer dating websites do the rest. The details you upload are used with matchmaking algorithms. It, in turn, secures you a local gay hookup near you. With these details, these gay hookups will also boast like-minded traits and needs.

More specifically, finding local queer meetups requires simple steps for faster matchmaking. If the site you are on does not provide perfect suggestions, use the search function. It allows you to narrow your search for sex hookups. You can add the ethnicity of the men you seek, their body weight, height, and body modifications and vices, if any. These details must mirror what you seek with precision to ensure quicker connectivity to a sex hookups.

Tips to Know about Gay Romance 

  • Safety

Whether you meet at a bar, restaurant, or online for a free gay man sex, maintain safety at all times. It means remaining vigilant with vetted personals or meeting at familiar locales for that first date. It keeps things safe and comfortable.

  • Communicate

If you use gay sex sites, apply freebies like Flirtcast to seduce and entice men into romance. Use multimedia sharing to showcase physical assets and highlight what might interest other users.

  • Flirt

Flirt using Flirtcast and winks online and when you meet for the first time, be as friendly as possible. It is bad enough to find scammers in bars, but being boring online won’t work. Secure romance opportunities with video and photo sharing online, if applicable.

What Are the Best Hookup Apps that Work?

Securing a local gay hookup requires cool sites with usability and safety. It is important that safety is prioritized, or one loses out on the entire experience. The best queer hookup sites allow you to locate who you seek without encountering distraction. It means if you seek gay hookups, the site you join should be a niche site.

Men hook up on such platforms because other sites carry women. Here, you only find M4M personals, and no women are allowed to subscribe. Sites like and offer personals linked to men seeking men for a free gay hookup. Grindr boasts over 20 million registered members, making it a go-to option for the entire LGBTQ community. With that being said, finding the right hookup apps is entirely in your hands. Simply decide if you wish to engage in traditional dating or hope for men hookup opportunities. So, still wonder, ‘How do I find a gay hookup near me?’

Meet Gay Singles Now

Your dating profile is the key to securing gay hookups nearby. It works if you work it, so make use of profile detailing to meet singles now. These details are what singles check for when they join. Without saying much, members will browse what are known as Like Galleries. These list photos are linked to countless singles locally and worldwide. You can browse the pictures swiping left or right to show the level of interest in listed hookups.

It is the fastest way to show you are interested or not and move to plan that epic local gay hookup. Because there is little you can share in bars, most sex sites allow multimedia messaging. Additionally, securing and meeting singles occurs with safety at hand. You can decide who is worthy simply by blocking a few riff-raff. Register on the best gay hookup sites around to meet singles now. This culture is taking off; do not get left behind.


Which gay hookup sites can I trust?

Check out our list of top gay hookup sites in 2021.

How do gay hookup sites work?

You have to sign up and complete your profile to start connecting with people you love.

What are the best gay hookup sites?

Best gay hookup sites include,,,,,,,,,