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Free dating sites for 30+

Here are a couple of well-known websites that could represent a good choice for individuals older than 30 and allow them to find new dating partners effortlessly:


onenightfriend logoAs its name implies, OneNightFriend.com is a platform dedicated primarily to casual dating, although many members might be interested in more permanent relationships. Its membership is very diverse and includes people of all generations, although males from 25 to 35 years old are the most numerous groups and a surprising number of users are above 50.

The site is available to a worldwide audience but is most popular in North America, with more than half a million members hailing from the United States alone. A one-month package is $39, but monthly rates are lower for packages lasting 3 or 6 months.



benaughty logoSingles and couples over 30 can have a lot of fun at benaughty.com, as this website is dedicated to casual encounters. Among more than 500,000 members from North America, you can find people of all generations, with those between 30 and 45 being the most numerous.

The site is reliable and uses a verification procedure to ensure all members have real photos, which is very important for this website. The subscription price is reasonable at just $ 16.20 per month with a 3-month package, so this is a nice dating app to check out if you are into casual hookups.



EbonyFlirt logoThis is more of a niche dating site focused on black culture, although all races are allowed to create a profile. Consequently, much of the membership consists of African Americans and people from South America, Africa, or the Middle East.

The site has a live chat function and allows users to send personal photos, making it perfect for those who like to flirt online and those seeking a long-term relationship. The price of premium membership is affordable, and it goes as low as $13.20 per month with a 6-month deal.



flirt.com logoAs a large platform with more than a million members worldwide that’s been around since 2009, flirt.com is a dating site you can trust. It’s mostly intended for casual hookups, although solid matchmaking features make it a good tool for seeking permanent partners as well.

The user interface is simple to navigate, with location-based search facilitates quick and easy encounters between people from the same area. Gender balance on the website is pretty good with 40% of female profiles, so even if the site is popular with the younger crowd, singles over 30 have plenty of reasons to join.



tenderfling logoThis website has just recently been launched, so it lacks the big-name image, although, on first look, it offers similar service to that provided by other major dating sites. It is advertised as a casual sex dating website, so user profiles contain only basic information as well as personal photos.

Tenderfling.com is easy to use, but it must be accessed from a web browser as it lacks a dedicated mobile app. The costs of membership are in line with similar sites of this nature, so this is a viable option for dating over 30 if you are not satisfied with the website you are already using.



Together2Night logoSingles who want to find partners for sex could fare pretty well at together2night. This website is organized as a social network focused on casual dating and is very easy to use from any device. Its features include a live messenger app that allows users who are currently online to get in touch and an advanced search function with smart filters.

Due to its combination of simplicity and affordability (one month package costs just over $20), this platform is becoming one of the most popular destinations for naughty guys and girls from Canada and the rest of North America.



buddygays logoIntended for male gay people who prefer to communicate only with like-minded individuals, buddygays.com is regarded as one of the best sites reserved for men. It comes in both free and paid versions, although basic functionalities are somewhat limited.

There are more than 100,000 active users weekly, a majority of them older than 30. Users can attach photos and videos to their messages or use live chat to arrange a hookup. Overall, a solid choice for any gay guys looking to have more active sex lives.



logo fatflirtAs a niche website targeting overweight individuals, FatFlirt.com works great for people from this demographic. It’s primarily a tool for finding long term partners, even if there is no harm in using the site just to flirt.

All the standard features are there, including text messages and chat, but there is no mobile version at this time. FatFlirt.com is recommended only for people who belong to its primary target group and doesn’t have much potential for growth beyond this population.



iwantblacks logoIWantBlacks.com is a medium-sized website black people are treated as the main priority. The site is catering primarily to English-speaking users, with the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom among the most represented countries. Creating a user account doesn’t take more than a few minutes, so it’s very easy to join and see firsthand how everything works.

Basic membership is free and can be enough for those who only want to look around, but more dedicated users are definitely advised to get premium benefits for as little as $18.60 per month. There is a 3-day trial package that grants access to the site’s full features, including live chat, for those who are unsure whether to join. The matchmaking platform is well designed and easy to get around, no matter what type of device you use.


Try some of the websites for dating over 30 like OneNightFriend.com or IWantBlacks.com, and have fun like you never did before!

Young people rarely have trouble finding dates, as they tend to spend a lot of time socializing and going to parties. It often changes once a person turns 30, as business obligations are other commitments that take priority and social circles solidify, so meeting someone new can become a challenge.

This change of rhythm requires a reorganization of all habits, including how you interact with people and identify potential partners for an adventure or long term relationship.

dating over 30+There is absolutely no reason to think that dating ends after 30 since it’s entirely possible to maintain a steady job while having an exciting and fulfilling love life.

With a few adjustments, you can engage in any relationship that you prefer and find happiness alongside the right person.

To expand their circle of contacts and stay a part of the dating culture, many men and women older than 30 are joining specialized matchmaking websites. In the online environment, it’s much easier and faster to find other singles located in the vicinity and have similar interests than it would be through traditional means.

The best free dating sites over 30 are extremely popular, and the number of potential partners is simply huge, so practically everyone should be able to find a suitable person. To make things better, every profile includes a lot of information about the user and multiple photos, so visiting it can give you a pretty good idea of whether there could be any attraction and chemistry.

All those factors contribute to the impressive success rate for people over 30 and make online dating far more widespread than it used to be just a decade ago.

Numerous dating websites cater to people of this age, so choosing the right one is very important.

Some of the factors that should be taken into account include:

• The number of users from your country/region

• The type of dating that the website specializes in (i.e. casual dating, LGBT dating…)

• The range of available matchmaking and communication features

• The quality and simplicity of the graphical user interface and navigation bars

• The cost of premium membership and/or special features

• The reputation for security and data privacy

• Overall user-friendly policies and practices

With this in mind, it’s necessary to do a little bit of research before opening an account at one of the free dating sites over 30 that are active in your area. Different users care about different features, so it’s impossible to single out one dating site that could satisfy every taste equally.

Instead, there are several alternatives for each type of preference, and every user can make a personal decision based on his priorities and financial possibilities.

For example, some people insist on using free dating sites over 30, while others want the best performance and don’t mind spending some money to get the level of service they require.

Despite all those differences, a few websites stand out from the crowd and consistently get good reviews from existing users, which fuels their further growth and even better performance when it comes to matchmaking for people above 30.