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FlirtyMature Review

Special Features
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Like Gallery

If you’re looking for a casual dating site for people over 50, your options are pretty limited. Most senior dating sites are for singles seeking serious relationships and personal connections, but if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, then FlirtyMature is the site for you! It’s certainly possible to find a serious relationship on this service, but most users are just looking to meet new people and have a good time.

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  • Quick signup process
  • Large user base
  • Good split between male/female members
  • Five free messages per day
  • Support for picture/video messages


  • Most information fields aren’t required
  • Free users can’t see all pictures
  • The monthly cost is high
  • Unlimited messaging requires a paid membership
  • Limited features

How Trustworthy is FlirtyMature?

Although FlirtyMature is a fairly new site, it still has maintained a successful track record when it comes to connecting senior singles for fun, light-hearted, and sexy chats online. The website has been operating for nearly five years, and during that time, it has created thousands of matches between members around the world.

FlirtyMature vs. Other Dating Sites

Our FlirtyMature review depicts this platform as one of the few niche dating sites that are designed specifically for senior singles looking for some light-hearted fun. While other services like SeniorsToDate are also created for singles, they are designed to connect members for long-term relationships. This is what makes FlirtyMature so special; it’s a place for senior singles to go online, chat, and meet up with other singles without any long-term expectations.

Member Structure

Despite only being in operation for four years, FlirtyMature has still managed to gather a decently sized user base, with over 375k members from the United States alone! The majority of users are over the age of 55, although there are a fair amount of members between the ages of 35 to 54 as well. In terms of gender ratios, the website maintains a relatively even split between the two, which ensures the majority of users will be able to easily find a match on the website.

Member Structure flirtymature

FlirtyMature Sign In /Sign Up

Joining FlirtyMature is a very simple process and should only take you a couple of minutes. After navigating to the home page, you will see a short sign-up form on the right-hand side of the screen. You’ll need to provide your gender, the preferred gender of your partner, your age, your email address, and choose a password. Your location will be automatically assigned based on your IP address, but we recommend double-checking it anyway since this may not always be 100% accurate. site

Matchmaking at FlirtyMature

You have a small variety of options when trying to find a partner on FlirtyMature: manually browsing through local matches, using the search feature, or checking out potential partners in the “Like Gallery.” Matches appear on the homepage and are organized by distance, which makes it simple to find matches close by but doesn’t give you many options to filter. However, by using the search feature, you can easily filter through matches to find a specific type of person. Once you find a person, simply click the “Chat” button to contact them.

Profile Quality

Each profile on FlirtyMature has a bunch of information fields that can be completed to help you find potential matches quicker (this info is used in the search filters). Unfortunately, the majority of users don’t bother to complete their profiles, which means you’ll most likely have to message a member to learn anything beyond the most basic information. However, if you want to increase your chances of finding a match, we recommend completing all of your

profile. Accounts with more information have less of a chance of looking “fake,” which means you won’t get accidentally passed over by your perfect partner!

Profile Quality flirtymature

FlirtyMature App

Unlike many of the more mainstream dating services, FlirtyMature does not have a mobile app that you can download for your device. Fortunately, you can still use the service on a mobile device, but you will need to access it from a browser instead. The mobile version offers the same features as its desktop counterpart; in fact, you can even sign up for the service right from your phone!

Design and Usability

The layout of this site is crisp and clean, primarily using a white background with grey text for the majority of the site. Notifications pop up on the screen as they come in, which is a nice way to ensure you don’t miss anything (although this can get annoying at times). The navigation bar at the top of each page makes it really easy to find your way around the site, and virtually anyone will be able to figure out how to start a conversation with someone—just click “Chat”!

Special Features

Free members have access to the basic features of the site (such as account creation, profile viewing, and access to the “Like Gallery” feature), but the most important features are reserved for paying members only. However, with a paid membership, users get access to unlimited messaging (which includes the ability to send photos/videos via chat) and the ability to view all of a user’s photos. This means that you’ll need a premium membership if you want to flirt with as many singles as possible.

Security and Support

The security options on FlirtyMature are limited but sufficient. Along with Safe Mode (a setting that limits who can message you), you also have “Block” and “Report” buttons, which can be used in the event of an unpleasant encounter with another member. There are a few fake accounts on the service, but FlirtyMature has an active staff who stay off the lookout for these types of accounts. If you decide to upgrade your account, your information is protected thanks to HTTPS encryption.

Costs and Prices

FlirtyMature offers three different subscription plans: weekly, monthly, and three months. One week costs $7, a month costs $28.80, and three months costs $48.80. We recommend purchasing the extended plan since you’ll only be paying $16.60/month for your premium membership.

Expert Conclusion

If you’re over the age of 50 but still want to enjoy casual dating like when you were younger, then FlirtyMature is the perfect site for you! During this FlirtyMature review, we tried every feature the site had to offer, and overall we were fairly impressed. It would be nice if the site offered more advanced features such as live video calling, but the simple site layout and basic variety of features are more than enough to quickly connect you with other singles living nearby for a night of flirting & fun!


Is FlirtyMature a Good Dating Site?

Yes! FlirtyMature is a good option for senior singles looking for casual dating or even hookups but may not be the best option for finding long-term relationships.

Does FlirtyMature Work?

Yes, many senior singles have found multiple partners while using the FlirtyMature service.

How To Use FlirtyMature?

Using the service is easy; create an account, complete your profile, then browse through members and send someone a message!

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