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Badoo Review 2021

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Badoo Review 2021

badoo app rating by google, like a dating website, has numerous people around the world, which makes up its members. It is a dating website that doesn’t have a race preference.

There are different races on the website where you can find a match to date. For those that are interested in interracial dating, it is the best place to find a partner. You can find different types of users, such as Jewish, Asian, Whites, blacks, and many more.

Once you’re a member on this platform seeking a partner, has a match for you in stock regardless of the race. These members are there seeking different types of relationships. Some members are interested in flirting, dating, or hookup.

Some are also seeking a relationship in the long run that may lead to marriage. If you’re also interested in a one-night stand, there are thousands of members with these relationship goals. Some are not interested in finding a dating buddy but enthusiastic to me new people to make friends. Regardless of your relationship goals, you will find a match on the site, and you can check previous testimonials from Badoo review.

Badoo sign-up/sign-in

badoo sign upIt is a usual thing for dating sites to ask about a few of your information before you sign up and register on their platform, and it is the same as Badoo sign-up/sign-in. Before you are accessible to the members on the site, you will be required to carry out a simple and easy sign-up.

To sign up on the site, you will provide a user name, age, relationship type, or what you’re seeking in the partner you’re aspiring to meet, location, and other necessary information. The registration requirement takes a few minutes to sign you up.

When you sign up on, the site understands how enthusiastic you are to begin to surf its platform to meet singles around the world, and as a result of this, the site approves your profile without wasting time.

  What is the Member Structure of Badoo?

 Badoo’s members’ structure is quite amazing, which gives you a bigger chance to get a match as quickly as possible. It hosts thousands of men and women across the globe. For women seeking men and women seeking women can contact each other quickly.

There are about 49% of men on the site and 51% women. Men between the ages of 18 and 23 make 33 percent, while men between 23 and above make 67% of the male users. Women from the 18 to 23 years are about 67 percent, while 23 and above make up 33 percent. With these numbers, you will easily find a match on the site.

  Matchmaking on

Matchmaking on is a feature that helps each of its members enjoy the opportunities to meet someone automatically without needing to conduct any search. The site makes it straightforward for members to contact each other through different means.

Apart from using the automatic search feature, you can meet other users through matchmaking. It also makes it easy that once you’ve contacted a specific member by requesting to have a date or for other reasons, the response isn’t delayed, and it is a common thing for members on the site to have a positive reply. It is very unusual to receive a negative reaction from the members.

 A Quality Profile

 One of the foremost factors determining how other users on the site will describe you is your profile quality. Your profile contains factual information that will be visible to other users around the world. It will help them to understand what you’re seeking in a relationship.

It allows you to indicate your relationship goals. The information you leave on your profile can help members trying to have an insight into who you are. It is why it is important to be factual and precise to get a match easily. The quality of your profile is a determinant in finding a partner as quickly as possible.

Badoo App Review

badoo app rating by app store is a popular dating website that is widely used across the globe, and this is why it has made it easy for users to contact and message each other through its app. The app works well with Android and iOS users. For users that are using Android, you can download the app from the play store to continue the amazing experience you’ve been having on the website but in a more straightforward way.

For users of iOS, ensures that everyone isn’t left out, which is why it has its app for download on the app store. Downloading the app is easy on both the app store and play store. Just search for the app and click download to continue from where you stopped on the web.

Badoo is an excellent app that helps you meet different people. Those that are mostly seeking a casual hookup are a perfect place to meet, including those seeking relationships in the long run. There are lots of users who have built relationships through this dating site. Through the Badoo app review, you can find out what people think about it.

Design and Usability

 Badoo is among the top and leading social websites for dating. Just like other social media site or app, it has a simple to understand layout, though not as designed as Facebook but simple to use. It has a profile layout or dashboard where you can see your activities. There is also a preview of your profile yourself to understand how to looks when being visited by others. It’s design and usability give a chance for easy accessibility while it’s friendly to users at the same time. Signing in and out is quite easy on the site as well. It also has a point where you can access all the website’s features.

 Enjoy Special Features to keep you busy on-site

 Badoo has several special features that give it an edge over other dating sites, engaging its members apart from surfing the internet for a match. There’s a game feature on the site, but only people seeking casual dates and hookups can use it. Other unique features on the site include Badoo encounters, profile scores, lookalikes, favourites, visits, likes, and more.

Security and Support

badoo supportBadoo has a security and support feature that helps people report anyone who violates other users’ privacy. The site is very secured add there are fake profiles under pretenses who have different aims from dating. You should surf the site cautiously and should try to report when you confirm any fake account.

Costs and Prices

Badoo is one of the few affordable websites where people can enjoy premium features for a token amount. Here are the costs and prices:

Badoo Premium

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs. Total

1 Month 12.99 USD / Month 12.99 USD

3 Months 10.66 USD / Month 31.99 USD

6 Months 8.00 USD / Month 47.99 USD

Badoo Credits

100 Credits 0.03 USD / Credit 2.99 USD

550 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 9.99 USD

1,250 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 19.99 USD

2,750 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 39.99 USD

Badoo cancellation

To have a Badoo cancellation, you should sign in to your account and click on the cog icon’s settings on the top-right edge. Click on unsubscribe. Click on unsubscribe again to ensure your selection is confirmed.

Expert’s Conclusion

dating coachThe expert’s conclusion on is that it is a good platform that helps people contact and attract other people. The Encounter as a feature on the site helps to increase the speed of matchmaking.

Although Badoo may not have everything required to be the best dating site to find a committed partner or relationship match, it is undoubtedly one of the best dating site for casual and lots of fun. A visit to Badoo will convince you that it’s worth dedicating your time to.


 Who owns

Andre Andreev owns Badoo.

 Is Badoo legit?

Yes. It is a legit dating site, and being one of the most famously known, it has over 330 million users and ensures the user’s identity is verified. With Badoo being a legit site, some profiles on the site may be fake, and you should be cautious when using it.

What are Badoo secret awards?

These are private badges that can be gotten by members. You cannot see them as they are not visible on your account. They are used for users who have achieved on Badoo. When your profile-score goes high, you can get them. You can also get them when your conversations are many.

 Can I block another Badoo member?

Yes. You can block a member by visiting the user’s profile. Tap on the icon by the right top edge of the profile and select block or report.